Oh, Do I Have a Story for You…

Hello, my little ghosts and goblins.

You must love the sweet caress of a killer’s touch and relish the thrill of outrunning an age-long curse or else you wouldn’t have found your way to me.

I am Lady Raven. The Narrator of the Night. The Weird Writer. The ghouls of my catacombs deliver me uncanny stories that I cannot wait to share with you.

If you’re craving sweet release from worlds of sunshine and rainbows, look into my mirror and find a story that will soothe your dark cravings.


Make An Offering

Every week Lady Raven will have a new story for her mirror prisoners — but someone needs to keep the catacombs in good condition! Give a gift to the Narrator of the Night to keep the place in good repair. The ghouls of the catacombs will surely appreciate the gesture.

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